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Fahad Al Sultan


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Mishari Al Shiha

General Manager

Our Vision

The first website in Kuwait that designed to properties only. It is characterized by easy and flexibility of search and exhibit. It provides all up to date electronic means for those looking for investment and real estate opportunities in Kuwait, including land, flats, villas, chalets, farms and investment offices that provide access to the visitor, whether he is Arabic or foreign citizen. Further, our management is keen on providing all means of rest and liquidity to the visitor and great interest of the exhibitor. Moreover, we are keen on the flexibility of using the website. 123


Our Mission

To make the website the first in Kuwait that brings together all those who desire to offer their properties, including major real estate offices to the individuals who desire to offer their properties. We desire to be the best, the easier, wide spread and specialist in the Kuwaiti properties only


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